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You don’t have to be the biggest out there to be able to deliver a credible product that yields the results you’d expect. Well, one such producer hits the nail on the head, our supplier partner Delta Chemicals is not well known locally, but they have impressed a local farmer tremendously.

On a recent visit to a farming acquaintance I happened to have sample stock in my boot. As it happens our conversation turned towards figs the farmer recently planted, but they were near collapse and were not able to get off the ground one might say. I suggested to the farmer to try the fertilizer-based sample and let me know about his findings. Not long after the visit he contacted me and invited me over, to our amazement the figs turn around and everywhere I looked, I just saw ‘new growth’.

Not only did the failing fig plants recover but were blooming with new growth. So, with no fancy advertising or big claims, I was proud to know that I was able to find a solution to a farmer need.