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Smart Utility Solutions

Save Water Before it’s Too Late

We are a forward focused company and specialise in the design and manufacture Smart Utility Solutions differentiate itself from the competition through a new strategic approach, based on capacity building through proven strategies. These capabilities include the use of innovative technologies in our products, services and processes. Smart Utility Solutions will continue to advance and enrich its competitive advantage through continuous improvement and development on its “body of knowledge” to provide sustainable solutions.

Services offered:

Smart Utility Solutions is an innovative South African Company that has the licence to market ground-breaking technologies from EcoSphere in the USA. EcoSphere is a technology manufacturing company that develops environmental solutions for global markets. Together we assist industries to increase production, reduce costs, and protect the environment through a portfolio of more than 35 powerful, patented and patent-pending technologies: Technologies like Ozonix®, Ecos PowerCube® and Ecos GrowCube™, which are being used across a diverse range of industries and applications throughout the world.

Many water recycling processes use chemicals – chemicals that are costly and harmful to the environment. The Ecosphere Ozonix® Technology offers customers a chemical-free alternative to high-volume water recycling for a diverse range of applications ranging from the oil & natural gas industry and mining to agriculture and municipal wastewater treatment.

Ecos PowerCube®
Ecos PowerCube® is the world’s largest, mobile, solar-powered generator. It runs on high power photovoltaic panels that extend from its container combined with an easy to set up wind turbine. Energy is stored in on-board batteries.

Ecos GrowCube™
In its simplest form, the Ecos GrowCube™ is a turn-key, fully-automated hydroponic greenhouse that is Made in the USA and fabricated out of aircraft-grade aluminum. An Ecos GrowCube™ utilizes hydroponic growing techniques in order to maximize the amount of crop production possible in a given footprint and eliminates the need for soil, fossil fuels, pesticides and toxic chemicals. Ecosphere’s patented OZONIX INSIDE™ technology is also utilized to kill bacteria, micro-mix nutrients and structure the water for better plant respiration and uptake.

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