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Security Solution Services

Security Solution Services Provides a Wide Range of Security Related Tools

Our mission is to work towards putting a stop to crime! Farm attacks are a reality, and are happening more often. Our aim is to keep you in charge, from the safety of your home! We specialise in drones, night-vision goggles, and have plans for much more.

Watch the following video on the unmanned aerial surveillance and  security helicopter

Services offered:

The ‘Hawk’ and ‘Raptor’ are the two baseline drone models that are offered by our company, both of them are equipped with a military-grade night vision infra-red sensitive camera and have fully automated mission capabilities and they both come with telemetry and video receivers included. Optional upgrades and extras are offered, such as thermal optics or battery packs to extend the operational time.

Night Vision Goggles
We offer military-grade night vision infra-red sensitive goggles, with a range of approximately 200 meters and can be integrated with the drones and other modules via switching frequencies.

Infra-red Illuminators
The illuminators we provide are used in conjunction with the other products as they emit infra-red light which is invisible to the human eye but work with the drones and goggles to ensure you are able to clearly see across long distances, and they come with a built-in day and night switch.

CCTV Systems
Criminals are known to trip the mains and therefore render traditional CCTV systems irrelevant, but by running the entire system from an independent battery you ensure that your system will stay online.


Watch the Video (Blouvalk unmanned aerial surveillance and security helicopter)

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