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PS23 Metal Treatment

Today’s engines will not function optimally on yesterday’s fuels.
Tomorrow’s engines will need new additive/catalyst developments.

What is PS23 Metal Treatment?

PS23 Metal Treatment is a pure mineral oil base product that contains no solid substances such as Teflon, Graphite, Moly or Zinc or Chlorine and is designed to reduce wear, friction and temperature to the minimum.

It improves performance, gives better fuel consumption and extends engine life. It can be added to lubricants in petrol and diesel engines, gearboxes, differentials, hydraulic pumps, rams, compressors and industrial machines to improve performance and reduce breakdown and maintenance costs.

In harsh and severe conditions such as normally experienced in industrial application, PS23 Metal Treatment gives extra protection even when contaminants such as water, sand, etc. may enter. The service life of oil blended with PS23 Metal Treatment improves significantly, as this unique product not only controls the formation of carbon, sludge, varnish and also metal particles but also gives perfect lubrication abilities to the oil it is blended with. The more extreme the conditions, the better the performance that will be experienced with PS23 Metal Treatment.

The product has excellent anti-corrosion properties, (C.S.I.R. test report available on request).


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