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Emerald Sky Risk Solutions

Your Safety Our Concern – Our Quality Your Assurance

Emerald Sky Risk Solutions (Pty) Ltd offers valued businesses and enterprises substantial strategic quantities of “business growth agents” in the form of Risk Solutions Operatives (RSO’s).

Services offered:

Emerald Risk Solutions provides a variety of services, including Executive Support, Armed Response, Aviation Security, Maritime Security, etc. It complies with the US Foreign and Corrupt Practices Act and the UK’s Anti-terrorist, Crime and Security Act 2001.

Ultra-High Risk Security
Have peace of mind in times of political turmoil by having us tailor-make solutions which secure your life, your family, your assets and your reputation including static security, escorts, etc.

Have peace of mind by having us tailor-make a security solution which safeguards the transportation and/or escort of valuable assets.

Have peace of mind by having us tailor-make a PSIRA registered anti-poaching service which fulfills your every security need including operatives, game rangers, investigators, aviation solutions, etc.

Close Protection
Have peace of mind by having a PSIRA registered Close Protection Officer (CPO) take care after your life, your family, your assets and your reputation.

Manned Guarding
Have peace of mind by having us take care after your assets in the form of PSIRA registered armed and/or unarmed guards, whether it be for an estate, your home, an industrial premise, etc.

Contact details:

P: Frik Wentzel
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E: info@bastiontraining.com
W: www.bastiontraining.com
A: Plot 12, Tweedracht 51

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