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Delta Chemicals

Industry Leaders in Locally Produced and International Used Agricultural Chemicals and Products

Delta Chemicals is a leading manufacturer and distributor of various fertilizers and other crop enhancement products.

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Not all copper fungicides are the same. A number of brands are available and tests have shown they vary remarkably in the quality, reliability and consistency of formulation. When choosing the best copper fungicide to protect your crop, the most important things to consider are:

  • copper content of the active ingredients;
  • for environmental and health reasons impurities such as lead are important, as is,
  • free copper (the culprit in burning plant tissue); and,
  • particle size because it determines such key factors as plant coverage, the ability of the product to stick to the plant, suspensibility in the spray tank and ease of application.

Sunshade is a proprietary formulation of Kaolin and Copper Oxychloride developed by Delta Chemicals (Pty) Ltd. It contains a very fine silica-free kaolin, commonly used as a food additive and in cosmetics. Kaolin is considered safe for humans and the environment. This wettable powder adheres well to fruit and does NOT need any addition of wetters or stickers. When sprayed on fruit and vegetables, it forms a physical barrier to act against heat stress and sunburn. It also contains Copper Oxychloride which is used in the well-known fungicide Demildex and therefore assists in the eradication of certain diseases.

Zinc is of vital importance for the growth and seed production of grain crops. A deficiency of zinc usually develops during times of cool and wet conditions, when seeds from zinc-deficient plants are planted in sandy soils. Deficient symptoms are produced because of poor availability of zinc, rather than presence of low quality of zinc in the soil.

Lime Sulfur
Delta Chemicals (Pty) Ltd. produces a high quality Lime Sulphur (American – Lime Sulfur) which is a liquid used to combat fungus, bacteria and insects for mainly deciduous fruit tree’s (grape, apricot, apple, nectarine, pear, plum, peach & cherry)

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