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Bakusasa Transformation Academy (BTA)

Your HSE Specialist for a Sustainable Future

BTA is a global supplier of occupational risk management services and products that enhance clients’ business performance. BTA is a Health and Safety and Environmental Compliance, Implementation and Training supplier and consultancy company.

Services offered:

BTA offers certification, consultation and training services are tailor-made according to clients’ needs & risk profiles.

Auditing Services
Baseline GAP Audit is the first audit BTA conducts at the request of a client.

Implementation of Files
BTA offers legal compliance audits to clients who wish to ensure that they act in accordance with legal requirements.

Health & Safety Files
These are audits based on limited requirements determined by the client where BTA audits only a specified activity or section of the operation.

Training Services
Supplier of Health and Safety related training in Construction, Agriculture, Estates and Environmental fields which can be provided on-site on request.

Compliance Assessments
Standards or performance criteria required for the contractors need to be set for occupational health, safety and environment.

Contact details:

P: Eugene Kruger (PTA)
T: +27 (0) 82 857 1895
E: eugene@btaafrica.com

P: Deshan Reddy (JHB)
T: +27 (0) 83 499 3849
E: dashan@btaafrica.com

P: Darren Coull (KZN)
T: +27 (0) 82 562 4446
E: darren@btaafrica.com

W: www.btaafrica.com