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Nitzechon is proud to unveil its latest solution offering to you our valued farmer.
Our Financial Solutions cover two areas namely, Personal & Asset Cover and Investment Funding.
Kobus Oberholster from Attooh is a senior Financial Advisor for over a decade and aims to guide and advise Nitzichon patrons with the financial direction they seek.
The Investment solution offered by Nitzechon is primarily aimed at funding special project from conception through to operational status.

Meet Tinus Taute

Founder: Nitzechon Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Tinus is very resourceful and enjoys resolving challenges whilst always serving his clients with pride.
His integrity and persuasive abilities influence other people to win-win results. His friendliness supports his commendable leadership qualities. Continual learning and developing and establishing networks and skills.

Tinus is mostly involved in Agricultural solutions-driven projects and helps improve the economic-state by providing resourceful knowledge and networking.

Mosmart Agri

Mosmart Investments (Proprietary) Ltd (Mosmart) is a South African registered company, originally formed by a group of investors, environmentalists and scientists who in conjunction with its subsidiaries, Marine 3 Technologies (Marine 3) and Nanotech Technologies...

Yield-Shift Plant Booster

Together with our clients, we’re pioneering a new approach to growing food sustainably and in harmony with nature so that farms will be able to provide enough food for future generations - without compromising quality or adding to the cost. We follow a holistic...

Tongaat control field of N41

Tongaat control field of N41 (also please see relevant e‐mail from Tom C Trollip). Please note that that owing to a miscommunication the sprayed field (2,5 ha) of a 5ha field was cut and mixed with the control (other half ‐ 2,5ha ‐ of the mentioned 5ha Field) and the...

The Importance of Partnering

“A man who thinks he has all the answers, never bothered to ask the right questions!”

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Remarkable results in the stimulation of growth in these crops.

Boost your crops and gain huge results.

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