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When one thinks of farming it is easy to make the mistake as to try and categorise it all as the things tangible or obvious and visible but that is similar to thinking that the tip of an iceberg that is visible above water is the whole iceberg. The land is of critical importance, yes! As is the implements, the infrastructure, the labour, the produce/animals, the feeds, the fertilisers, the planning, the record-keeping and everything else.

BUT what brings it all together in a perfect working order and changes the dynamic into a viable, vibrant and growing enterprise is the vision and implementation by the individual owning/working this land!!! It would be fair to say that the farming enterprise first and foremost is in the brain of the farmer!!! When it does exists in his/her head – then that is the blueprint of what can eventually be seen as the tangible result i.e. a successful farming enterprise.

All the tangibles can even be labelled as important yes, but still “by-products” needed and the farmer is the farm! One has to also take into account that for a farmer to be successful in our day & age, he has to have so much more than only passion for farming. Farming has become a fully fledged business operation over the years and farmers need to adapt to stay abreast of new development/technology/research/training/legislation and so much more!! He also has to have intimate knowledge of the type of produce/animals they farm with – recognize and successfully treat illnesses in crops/animals/problems in soil, recognise weather patterns and act pro-active accordingly, and then there is the people they care for, their families and employees and their needs.

So, when one takes all of these into consideration it will be more than welcomed by these precious people when individuals and companies can come to their aid in enabling them to primarily focus on doing these things mentioned.