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Tinus Taute

Tinus Taute

Founder - Nitzechon Solutions (Pty) Ltd

My desire is to preserve and build industries of interest, such as agriculture,  by actively sourcing the best possible solution for every new or existing problem or area of concern.

Our Story

Tinus Taute has 21 years experience in Business Development and Relation Management Consulting. He has B.A. (Baccalaureus Artium) degree and was commissioned as a officer (Lieutenant Counter Intelligence, SADF) during National Conscription/National Service Obligation. Currently he continues his pursuit to facilitate and connect economical viable players and assist them in forging sustainable socio-economical solutions with the aim to remain on the ground and in touch with the people he is so passionate to serve and uplift.

Since 2009 Tinus has been active in a consulting role on various aspects to business and individuals as well as facilitating consultations between business enterprises.

Tinus had a career of 10 years in TAU SA, the national union for Agriculture. His skills had secured him the role in senior management as Manager Commodities and Economic Affairs and his portfolio included the rebuilding of Free State, Eastern- and Western Cape provinces. Tinus’ interpersonal skills enabled him to engage with Ministers, Executive Officials of National and Provincial Governments and at Senior Management levels. He successfully negotiated a R10 million rehabilitation funding for pollution of irrigation water with Mponeng mine (Anglo Gold) as well as R40 million with Stoppani Pty and IDC for environmental rehabilitation in chromium and chemical processing. He represented the TAU SA on various forums, committees and engaged in media activities as spokesperson on television, radio and in the press.

Introduction to Nitzechon Solutions

Nitzechon’s dedication towards environmentally friendly practices includes responsible and sustainable introductions to services as well as revitalisation and maintenance programs. The product offering is benchmarked, comes from reputable research and development environments for efficiency and effective applications. This approach does not only save the farmer on input costs but also increase crop quality & yields, resulting in bigger profit margins. The Nitzechon team’s aim is solutions that ultimately save, strengthen & grow a sustainable, dynamic agricultural sector that will not only withstand the current geo-political sphere’s hostility, but outgrow- and outperform it through collective teaming, reinvention and innovation. The team’s scope therefor includes every aspect that has an influence on agriculture, even if it is not – in general – seen as an agricultural aspect per se. Focus is also dedicated to local and collective aspects for economic development like (alternative) electricity, infrastructure, safety & security and more locally identified enabling factors to support a farmer to do what he does best.

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