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It is always extra special when a report like this on one’s products land on your desk!

A friend of my supplier has sent me the photo’s included with the accompanying report. His local pastor at the church’s children are being home-schooled. They were looking to start a project where they could start a vegetable garden to experience the wonders of nature and simultaneously produce something for the dinner table, i.e. some veggies. Because they are friends with my supplier, he immediately offered assistance by giving them his environmentally friendly plant feeds-/ fertiliser etc. like Zinc-Flo and Demildex, he gave them some of the mentioned products (with the correct instruction as to how it should be mixed and applied) to test on their vegetable garden.

Obviously – as children they were very excited to produce their own veggies!!! They were very dedicated in the application of these products and even though they were, this was obviously NOT a professional, scientific or controlled experiment……but the results were very amazing and VERY gratifying (So much so that even the peach tree that has NEVER produced ANY fruit in the past was submitted to regular treatment of Zinc-Flo & Demildex)

The included photos are the result of this hugely successful project and the pride taken in their project is evident in the little girls face!

Receiving such feedback makes it so much more gratifying to continue doing what we are doing and motivates us to strive for so much better!