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restoring our farmlands in serving our farmers
Tinus Taute – Founder: Nitzechon Solutions (Pty) LTD

I desire to come alongside our farmers to identify, with their help, all possible shortcomings and areas of concern and then source the best solutions for each specific need – be that alternative energy, safety, improved farming technologies!

We want our farmers to be safe and secure to know that they can focus on what is important for them to continually better themselves, their farming enterprises, their workforce, etc. to ensure a successful and happy enterprise. In doing this they are continually enabled to do quality knowledge transfer to assist new and emerging farmers thus enabling them to be long-term successful farmers.

This is the only successful blueprint to establish a new and emerging farmer successfully.


Nitzechon is proud to unveil its latest solution offering to you our valued farmer.

Our Financial Solutions cover two areas namely, Personal & Asset Cover and Investment Funding.

Kobus Oberholster from Attooh is a senior Financial Advisor for over a decade and aims to guide and advise Nitzichon patrons with the financial direction they seek.

The Investment solution offered by Nitzechon is primarily aimed at funding special project from conception through to operational status.

Kragdag Ekspo 2019 Sukses

Nitzechon Solutions het deelgeneem by die jaarlikse KragDag 2019 ekspo. Dit was 'n groot sukses met baie belangstelling by ons stalletjies. Die jaarlikse KragDag ekspo het ‘n inspirerend leersame dag in ‘n karnaval atmosfeer en eht hierdie jaar 'n groot impak gemaak...

Malonjeni Outdoor Expo 2019

Dit was met ‘n lekker opgewondenheid in die hart wat ons die Malonjeni Outdoor Expo tegemoet gegaan het! Aangesien dit die eerste keer was wat ons daar gaan skou het, maar met die goeie terugvoer oor vorige jare vir ander uitstallers wat ons gekry het, was dit regtig...

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