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Introducing Prosol Agri Range of Products

A uniquely formulated non-toxic mineral-based compound with a 5-year shelf life, used for the control of a broad-based spectrum of bacteria, fungal and viral infestations found in agriculture, horticultural and field crops across the world. View the Report (PDF...

A very nice and heart-warming report

It is always extra special when a report like this on one's products land on your desk! A friend of my supplier has sent me the photo’s included with the accompanying report. His local pastor at the church’s children are being home-schooled. They were looking to start...

Mosmart Agri

Mosmart Investments (Proprietary) Ltd (Mosmart) is a South African registered company, originally formed by a group of investors, environmentalists and scientists who in conjunction with its subsidiaries, Marine 3 Technologies (Marine 3) and Nanotech Technologies...

Yield-Shift Plant Booster

Together with our clients, we’re pioneering a new approach to growing food sustainably and in harmony with nature so that farms will be able to provide enough food for future generations - without compromising quality or adding to the cost. We follow a holistic...

Tongaat control field of N41

Tongaat control field of N41 (also please see relevant e‐mail from Tom C Trollip). Please note that that owing to a miscommunication the sprayed field (2,5 ha) of a 5ha field was cut and mixed with the control (other half ‐ 2,5ha ‐ of the mentioned 5ha Field) and the...

No Place to Hide

It has been our conviction from the start that there are many wonderful technologies out there to assist farmers (and people in cities/towns) in keeping their families, and themselves, safe! And believe me – there are!!!! With the support of Emerald Risk Solutions/Bastion Training Academy, we have found some of the best tech around – like Desert Wolf with their surveillance units, drones and more – breath-taking stuff!

But first and foremost, all of this still needs to be monitored, managed & maintained, and THAT is where our focus lies – perceptive, responsible, trustworthy and dynamic PEOPLE who are behind these technologies and are either with us or in partnership with us. So be warned… there is no place to hide (if you have reason to hide of course)

Treffende Waarheid

In die Landbouweekblad van 13 Julie 2018 maak die Noordwes se Jongboer van die Jaar, mnr. JP van den Berg die volgende stelling: “Tegnologie speel tweede viool; Sorg eers vir mense, omgewing”. Dit strook regstreeks met die tendens van baie boere om vandag al meer terug te keer na ‘omgewingsvriendelike’ boerderymetodes en stem skrywer heelhartig daarmee saam!

Die mense in jou diens is jou grootste bate (of jou grootste las indien hulle swak behandel word) en moet mens hulle altyd dienoorkomstig behandel. Naas jou mense is jou grond – die gesonde voorbereiding, bewerking en bestuur daarvan (dit sluit in effektiewe waterbestuur, die rusperiodes van veld by weiding, die los van die reste na oestyd met jou grondbehandeling/bemesting edm).

En dan natuurlik die produkte waarmee gewasse uiters effektief, maar omgewingsvriendelik behandel word! Vir die beste resultaat ooit kan mens nie verkeerd gaan met Delta Chemicals se Zinc-Flo, Demildex, Sunshade en Lime Sulphur nie.